Dubai In A Day

One day, lots of attractions, 25km of walking, plenty of wrong turns but more than enough good times.

A Flying Visit To Qatar

So as most of this seems to be, this was yet another spur of the moment excursion. Everyone that was ‘owed’ days had to take them and I thought I was owed one so my little mind started running on what adventures could I have in 3 days, so on Tuesday I requested having Thursday…

2017 With A Splash

New years started didn’t start with a typical bang as you might expect!

A Christmas Tale

Christmas holds a special place in my heart, the tree, the fire, the food and with things a bit rocky a surprise trip home was welcoming.

A Girls Day Out/Nearly A Goner

Most ‘girls days out’ are advertised with spas, shopping or afternoon tea. The girls and I, El and Kerryn decided to have a little trip leaving the boys out. We decided to tackle ‘Big Hill’ only so called as it’s the biggest hill you can see from camp. Original, I know. My body isn’t what…

A Friend Far From Home

Life can be interesting when you’re away at centres you eat/sleep/work and generally socialise together, now colleagues are great but sometimes you fancy a change of scene. In the UK you can just call up other friends in other places.Out here it doesn’t exactly work like that being in a different country and all, though…

It’s only a ‘real feel’ of 44 degrees

So there are many things you have to consider when it comes to moving to a different country, not that I’ve had a huge deal of experience before, however you need to take into account certain considerations. Culture, religion, currency, time differences, weather etc. The list can go on depending on which country you’re coming…