Not With A Bang, But A Fizzle

First off, welcome! This is all a bit foreign to me so please bare with at times, but alas this is hopefully the first post of many.

I created this blog to record my trip around the world, it was supposed to me filled with the excitement, joy, adventures and nerves of going away on what I imagined a magical and insane trip that had a very definitive start date so I could count down the days until I could shout at the top of my lungs. “So long England! I’ll see you when I see you!!” Then to sit in an airport quietly waiting for the plane.

However my travels haven’t occurred with the dramatic build up I had envisioned, not in the slightest, but I’ll come back to that.
Wanting to save for the intense trip, get away from a rainy British winter and have a steady job I somehow managed to land working for an outdoor company in the United Arab Emirates. Not only having a blast with work but also using my time off for some awesome trips visiting various places.

So to the fizzle –  after an awesome day off I was skypeing to my best friend about my brilliant day and how I was excited when I finally get to travel, he politely called me an idiot and reminded me that I was already doing it! I had started my grand trip, just not in the way I initially planned. It was just that simple, I had seen moving away for some winter sun as a bit of a filler with alright pay and a good way to save.


This isn’t going to be a backpacker blog of me trudging from hostel to hostel (at least not yet anyway) but it’ll be filled with adventures and exciting opportunities!

I hope you’ll support me through this, I’ll be playing catch up with posts and then looking towards the future. To start off, here’s a photo of the first night I was here and we went and had a look at the turtles from a bridge.



Happy Travelling!

Tip of the day: Take the random opportunities and see where you can go without planning too hard.

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