A Friend Far From Home

Life can be interesting when you’re away at centres you eat/sleep/work and generally socialise together, now colleagues are great but sometimes you fancy a change of scene. In the UK you can just call up other friends in other places.Out here it doesn’t exactly work like that being in a different country and all, though I have things a little different..

One of my rather good friends is also out in the UAE. His name is Ben, he might look/smell a bit funny but he’s still a very good friend. We work for different companies, the opposite side of the county but cars and public transport are great inventions.

I guess however many years ago I could have gone by camel, but with the language barrier I would probably end up selling myself for one! If I got a good price for I’d have a slight moment of glee, I mean come on if you were to get sold for good camel/s then there has to be a certain amount of pride.

IMG_20161013_083040_BURST008.jpgCamels going for a walk from the farm below centre. Who knew you would walk them?!

I digress, Ben and a colleague came over, after a bite to eat and a catch up the day was already getting past us it took just under an hour with my fantastic directions – this time they actually were pretty on, with a little guess work at times, but we made it to Fossil Rock at around half 3 this meant we had a couple of hours of good light to get there, scramble up and walk back. Plenty of time.

As we stood putting on shoes and sorting water we were debating which would be the best and easiest route up to the top, each of us had a different idea and all of a sudden two guys in a 4×4 pulled up next to us and asked if we wanted a lift.

Generally Now who are we to decline such a polite offer in a foreign country, that would  just be rude!

This made life a lot easier with only a tiny walk to where the rock started and from there is was just a nice scramble up to the top, we all picked our own routes because following people is totally boring dude! So I hopped up like a cheery little mountain goat.

However when I got to the top what I thought was a slight parental style sigh of ‘watch out, don’t hurt yourself’. Was actually a little bit more worrying, everything I checked, pulled, pushed and stood on was fine, a lot of stuff Ben and Lucy had touched… Crumbled, splat, fell off, so they were taking it slower – I’m just claiming I chose an awesome route and they should have followed!

It didn’t take long and we were like those folk who take a cable car up a mountain for the view over actually earning it by pouring out blood, sweat and tears.

Once there all I could say was kkahdfajlkx. My breath was taken away, I have seen some beautiful places so far on this trip but my god, my jaw dropped, I was blown away with the beauty of it. GOPR0859.JPG

It seemed so surreal.15060414_10157657453235456_563787018_o.jpgThe dunes just kept on rolling.

This turned out to be more of a photography trip and just having a laugh over actually being outdoorsy. Unfortunately all of us still harbour deep issues over the lion king and Scar being heartless. #90skids

Although all good things have to come to an end, we knew that we only had a short amount of time to climb/walk down and back over the dunes. We kept moving down and more and more 4×4’s, quadbikes, motorbikes and dunebugy roared just as if we were standing next to a speedway. sdrThe sunset was beautiful as we climbed down.

We meandered back and had some fun rolling down the dunes – I say we, I got nominated but then Lucy did her best impression of Leonidas and nudged me down a dune with her foot. I was then coated in sand, head to toe. I found sand in a whole variety of places that you wouldn’t want to find it.


That’s not a tan, that’s sand.

Finally we made it back and the day was done, the light gone and I was being driven back home, it was such a simple day out but sometimes you just need those.

Happy Travelling!

Tip of the trip: Timing is crucial if you’re going out randomly, leave enough time to get there AND back, cramming as much as possible in is great, but you also need to enjoy it.

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