A Girls Day Out/Nearly A Goner

Most ‘girls days out’ are advertised with spas, shopping or afternoon tea. The girls and I, El and Kerryn decided to have a little trip leaving the boys out. We decided to tackle ‘Big Hill’ only so called as it’s the biggest hill you can see from camp. Original, I know.

My body isn’t what it used to be and I was still tender as it was grasping on to a hangover from the night before the previous one (sounds better if I word it that way). I also didn’t know we were doing Big Hill so I cried a little inside when I found out. I like walking, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed like a large mental battle.

15139453_10157679729765456_1918089345_nJust getting started, Big Hill ahead.

This did mean that my voice became annoying as my lungs hurt from social smoking, my back and my legs hut for not walking hard for a couple of weeks and I still felt like my guts were going to be thrown up with every step. Though it only took about an hour to reach ridge but the ridge was just the starting point.

The ridge isn’t the top – well it could be depending on the assent but for this hill, it was not. The ridge was far more fun than the trudge up hill to get there, it was scrambling up and over little peaks, each one made it look like the next one was the top, my hangover was a distant memory after sweating it out in the sun. I skipped up a lot of it, just taking an easy route, I wondered why El and Kerryn were taking so long – until they said they were purposefully trying anything hard they could find. I happily stuck to the nice ones to hop up.

15139630_10157679729990456_1264462873_nUp and over, up and over.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0914.Lunch break in the shade.

gpexportphotoIt was beautiful at the top, it’s slightly a given in this country now.

Once you get to the top, you have to get down (obviously) and sometimes that takes longer, after reaching my stride I fancied something a little more interesting and began my decent on what looked more exciting.

It was a mistake, I couldn’t see this from above only when my feet started touching each part of the barren earth. The scree (lots of loose, small rocks on a hill) was deeper than expected and every big rock and boulder, that looked very similar to the ones we previously encountered were loose, crumbly and breaking under foot. You always check it, have a tug on it before you use it, just in case. I wasn’t happy, I’d only gotten about 50 metres and there was already far too many ‘nopes’ so I decided to turn back.

Just as soon as I decided to turn back, checking some more rocks I thought I’d be safe on what was a bedside table sized boulder. It slipped, right from underneath me, I’d checked it but apparently not well enough. It started tumbling, the scree and basketball sized rocks went with it. As did I.

Normally when things go tits up, you have a quick giggle and a ‘what the fuck?’ I can genuinely say that I feared as I went that I something serious was going to happen. It was on a slope but it was still steep and littered with rocks. I rolled several times, reaching desperately to try and slow myself down. I hit rock and I’m sure between my body, that rock and my backpack I was saved. As I stopped I watched the rocks break as they fell onto others. Initially I could feel the pain coursing through my body. As I stopped I did a quick pat down and looked up, I’d only slid about 15-20 metres but that was far enough. Standing up I felt blood dripping from my knee and arms, bruises showing instantly. I was lucky. Very, very lucky.

nor‘Tis but a scratch to what it could have been. #melodramatic

I climbed back up and we continued on down a much more sedate path. At the start of the day every step felt like I would be sick, now it was just pain. I was fine though, no real damage, just had to get on with it. Had to stop being a pussy, I told myself.

The day continued on and the heat was passing to being more comfortable, though there was a rather pleasant breeze at the top. By the time we had gotten back, it was 5 or so hours later. Back home I looked at my body, clearing the dust I had cuts on my knee my calf, my arms and bruises on my butt, shoulder, knees and thighs. All relatively small, I was still relieved.  It wasn’t the biggest thing going and we didn’t storm it at a great pace, but the amount of scrambling and how I had felt it was definitely a great day to be had.

Just need to pick somewhere else for the next adventure. Great to be out with the ladies too, it was relaxed, calming and just lovely.

Happy Travelling!

Tip of the Trip: Hangovers are not great for walking with, think about what you’re doing the next day before having a heavy session.

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