Feeling The Travelling Vibe

Well here we go again! Well not quite, but with the weekend off and waking up rather early on Friday I had a bit of a ‘fuck it’ moment and decided I didn’t want to stay in my room…. again.

I got on my laptop and quickly booked a hostel, gathered my stuff together and shot out of the door as fast as I could, just in time for the 9am bus. It’s not a comfortable bus by any means but it’s  only 25aed each way (about £5) so I can’t complain as it costs more for me more in the UK to go from my village to the city!

15595956_10157836723195456_2105531232_oGot to put my feet up at least!

Once there I managed to find the hostel WITH OUT GETTING LOST!!! I did have to ask a gentleman which building it was but I found it so fast I was rather chuffed. After signing in I was just unpacking my bag, people were buzzing around and a girl asked if I wanted to the beach too.

So I threw all my plans out the window and thought why the hell not! Picked up what I needed and decided to go on my way with 3 lovely people; two Australian guys and a Brazilian girl. Firstly we stopped off at the Mall of the Emirates – not entirely sure why as we all looked at each other rather confused, but we had a look at the indoor skiing, it was stupidly expensive so that went out the window as well and we made our way to Jumeirah Beach.

The weather was hazier than it had been the last time I visited – but I was smart enough to pack a bikini this time and with Sean and Rohans’ encouragement we went for a little dip in the water – felt like a true Brit, getting in the sea even though it wasn’t really that warm. Cold. In fact, cold would be the word to describe it. We splashed around, had a bit of a swim and as the light began to fade we decided to go and have a look for some food. We did just about the same walk I did a few weeks before and that walk with someone really isn’t too far or that bad! Admittedly there was no getting lost,  but still, dare I say enjoyable.

For food we got off at Burjuman station and there is a little Indian on the corner, with our stomachs rumbling we decided to look no further and what can I say the food was tasty and it wasn’t expensive either. Two things I very much like no matter where I am.

The plan for the evening was some drinks and shisha, so we went back to drop our bags off at the hostel and to freshen up where we picked up Goldy, a lovely American girl.

mdeCheers everyone!

btyThe lovely Australian gent, Sean.

Alcohol in the UAE is stupidly expensive – it doesn’t stop us drinking but does make us think. I’m not even sure where we exactly were, a bar just next to ‘The Music Room’. A few beers and cocktails and unfortunately the night seemed to be drawing to a close – however we still had energy left so we moved on to Dubai Creek and Yacht Club for more drinks and shisha. If this is what actually travelling is like, rather than this working malarkey and getting out when I can then it’s making me supper excited for the ‘big trip’!!!!

davWoo! Team photo!

Anyhoo, Sean and Rohan (the Aussies) were actually finishing their Dubai trip and were on their way to good old Blighty, we got back to the hostel, they picked up their stuff and I crashed out so hard – out like a light.

Goldy (the American) and I had spoken about going on a ‘Desert Safari’ on Saturday and when we woke up the plan was still on + 1 more! I pottered about for the morning – planned to go to Dubai Mall before going on the trip though I didn’t make it, however financially this was probably a good thing! I’m not the best when it comes to saving!

Apparently I’m quite British – it’s what my passports says but also stemming from I got a little too into it over a cup of tea. (Who the fuck puts sugar in earl grey though, milk is blasphemous as it is?!?!)

Finally we set out to find our meet point before some lunch and ultimately we did manage to get lost, though this was due to a variety of different directions that people were giving us. With only time left for a Maccys, a last resort in any country – we headed onto a random bus which is were we met two lovely South Africans.

After the night before I just fell asleep on the journey, it wasn’t until we reached the 4×4’s that I awoke. Bundled in and seat belts on we charged off bouncing over the dunes, the driving was really emphasising the bashing part, it hurt a little, not going to lie! We got out and arrived at a  bit of a fort type thing and just let out of the car to our own devices for a bit.


There were camels to ride, the dunes to climb up on to watch the sun set, shisha, location for the buffet, a bar, a lady doing henna and various other stations around the camp.

The five of us just wandered around a little lost as to where we were supposed to be, if we were supposed to actually be anywhere, wandering around and having a look was really interesting, the light was starting to fade, so we stood atop one of the dunes, took some obviously compulsory photos and watched the sun set.

15857444_10157910639380456_1823289506_o15878116_10157910665615456_430975185_o.jpgCompulsory travel sunset photo.

I very rarely took the time in the UK to watch the sun set (mostly because it was often covered by clouds) but that’s not the point. I never used to take the time where as here, I look at the time and think oooo sunset is soon, wonder if I can watch it. Maybe it’s the fact it’s over beautiful locations rather than just the terrace houses at the bottom of the drive.

Since I’d got here I’d really wanted to have to some henna as it looked so nice, I got the one that was included in the package and then as I thought yes, I got some extra on my other hand. The biggest problem I had was not smudging it before it was dry!

15824222_10157910640165456_1638554022_oUnfortunately I can’t get hold of the other arm, but it looked awesome!

Set out were a whole host of tables and majlis surrounding a stage in the middle covered in carpets, the whole place was themed brilliantly, it didn’t feel too cramped, as the story of the three bears goes, it was just right.

The entertainment went belly dancer, drum dancer, fire man – the type that breaths/eats/staff/poi/rope pretty much everything with fire and another belly dancer. Though the last one looked about as happy to be there as a pig in a butchers.

In between some of the shows, there was food; a starter and a buffet main which there was plenty to have a go at, we were all stuffed!

Everything had to come to an end and we made our way back over the dunes in the 4×4’s to the bus, I couldn’t believe the weekend that I had just had. All because I decided to go, nah I’m going to join these guys!

The only down side was when I got back to the bus stop in Dubai with my bags I found out that I had misread the timetable and the last bus back wasn’t 11pm, it was 9pm. I was scuppered. With having work the next day I had no choice but get a taxi back, a taxi that cost 280AED.. 10x what it would cost me on the bus. Lesson definitely learnt!

Happy Travelling!

Tip of the Trip: Don’t be afraid to amend your plans as you go, if you have chance to do something another day and a good opportunity today, take it! Though make sure you have your timetables right, you don’t want to be spending unnecessary money you could use else where!

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