A Christmas Tale

When I found out I was coming away for 7 months I was totally stoked for the opportunity, however Christmas was in the middle of this. So think about any happy-go-lucky 5 year old and you kind of reach my same level of excitement as I rather like Christmas.

Like I really, really freaking like Christmas.

Baking a stupid amount, picking the tree, decorating, setting the table, using the china, sitting by the fire, going gift shopping, the gut busting lunch, all the family there, the cold buffets that my mum does, the chicken and mushroom pie she makes a couple of days after with leftovers, playing computer games against my brothers, the stupid jokes that go on…… OK I’m starting to sound like a bad Christmas special here.

Though I have my own little Christmas tale…

On the 21st December I was told I wouldn’t have to work Chrsitmas day, I’d been trying to book holiday since Novemeber time – more so I could go surfing in Sri Lanka but that’s not the point, even though Sri Lanka was in the wind I got asked if I still wanted the time off.

I’m not even going to pretend, I was getting very homesick, I’ve lived away from home a lot, but always back for Christmas and it always felt special.

Waiting to find out if I could get time off was starting to kill me as it was due to start the next day. On the way back after work  at 4:30pm it had been granted! I COULD GO! I let out a small scream and a little eek as I couldn’t contain my excitement. I shot up to my room, got on skyscanner, whatsapped my dad that was it. I just needed to pack my bag and make my way over to Dubai.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to have fun, I messaged a couple of the girls that I had met just a few days before at a hostel in Dubai – see if they fancied a night out before I would be on my way as my flight was the early time of 7:40 – but with getting there for check in it became too early.

The ladies and I found this completely awful but hilarious what appeared to be and English sports bar where it had music pumping, cheap beer and we’re pretty sure most women in there were hookers. This didn’t bother us as we just wanted to have a good night with the three of us and we stayed until it was closing.

15878067_10157910088285456_1274277411_oAn American, an English and Brazilian women walk into bar…

I may have had a few too many beers and had to make my way over to airport, a short taxi ride and I was there, I was checked in for my flight. I was going home! I was going home for Christmas!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately alcohol and not sleeping yet meant that I had begun to crash – I was tired as hell, I passed out immediately on my first flight, that hours nap perked me up and I became far too excited for my cup of tea at the airport and then of course the daytime drinking on the plane – which is apparently a very British thing.

Alas I landed in England and a now very cold Christmas was on the cards, here’s a little of what I got up to:

Lots of time by the fire, in the pub catching up with friends and family and doing everything I could pack in to the short 5 days.

All good things have to come to an end and when it came time to leave, I really really didn’t want to pack up, there were mixed feelings about returning and a few hidden tears were shed. This ended up meaning that I was slightly delayed and with traffic on the M1 not being the most polite it seemed like a close call to making my plane.

15824460_10157910094355456_2086277254_oA couple of days in Blighty  and I managed to get a cold, I am so sorry to anyone I was on that flight with!

It was a great trip, lovely to be home for the holidays and it was definitely the break that I so really needed. I feel like I have cheated a little with coming home as I’ll be travelling even further afield in the future and the chance of coming home for Christmas won’t always be possible. As they say though, there’s no place like home.

Happy Travelling!

Tip of the Trip: Make sure you surround yourself with people that will help support you if you’re feeling a homesick, get out, have some fun and make more memories.









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