About Me

Hi there. I’m Rach and welcome to my blog! This is just a space for me to write about my antics and adventures across the globe. I’m not a professional (as you might be able to guess) but it’s just a way of documenting it slowly with activities, cities and memories.


Well that was cheesy! I am, though I have some difficulty being mature……

Not even sorry for that.

So you want to know a little bit more? I’m 25 and British, I work as an outdoor instructor, so I get to do my hobby for a job. I love the outdoors and watersports, particularly kayaking and wakeboarding and they play a big part in my life, my job means I can work in a variety of locations around the world however I do like my home comfort and I do take my tea and a mug everywhere I go.

I’m just starting out on my travels and thought it would be some momentous build up though it’s not quite been the epic fireworks display of anticipation. It all started when I moved to the United Arab Emirates for work and travelled around during my time there, ever since  I have been hooked.

People always tell you to just go out and do it! I didn’t quite realise that I was ‘doing it’ until it happened and I am definitely loving it!

One of my aims is to spend as much of my time as possible getting out and going on adventures, exploring places and just seeing where I can follow my feet too.

Happy Travelling!